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Dr. Black does amazing work on fixing your teeth for that "Perfect Smile". I got my first set of braces from Dr. Black when I was 10 yrs. old.(top braces only) I had to wear them for a year. My teeth were perfectly straight, but there was still work that needed to be done. I have two teeth that, once I lose them they will never come back in. No adult teeth are under the 2 baby teeth I have left. Dr. Black has an amazing treatment plan worked out for me. I'm now in my second set of braces, top and bottom, and Ill have to wear them for at least 22 months, small price to pay for a great smile. Dr. Black is great. His entire staff is great, and I always look forward to my visits. Most Dentist scare me, and I dread going, but here it's different. Dr. Black is very funny, and I don't think he means to be, but he is. He really cares about my teeth and getting the best result. I'm grateful my Dentist referred me here. There is always cookies, juice, and a fancy coffee/coco maker in the waiting room, along with 3 t.v.'s were you can play video games. Once your called backed, they always have 2-3 flat screen t.v.'s up on the wall playing movies for you to watch while you get your braces adjusted. I cant say enough good things about Dr. Black. Give him a try before you go to anyone else. See for yourself how amazing he and his staff are, and all the great things they offer, like a perfect smile!! :-)

I am a 69 year old female wearing new braces. Can you believe it! I thought I was too old to start braces but Oh! how I am glad I went ahead and did it.

Dr. Black and his staff have been wonderful. Very professional and yet so kind and friendly. I started out on my first visit with individual counseling and guidance as to what to expect during the months ahead. The technician was very thorough in her instructions and I felt confident when I left the room all my questions had been answered. The hands-on instructions were much appreciated.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Black's understanding expertise (especially his attention to detail) and his highly skilled staff is absolutely top-notch. All the way from my interview counseling, receptionists, staff technicians and everyone I have had contact with has been so appreciated.

I had such fear of starting this endeavor, but Dr. Black has made it an EXCITING time for me. I see vast improvement already and it has only been 8 months. I love seeing the changes in my mouth and await the day I can have a pleasant smile!

By the way, the scheduling staff does a great job making sure there is very little wait time.

If you are endeavoring to choose the right orthodontist - you will not make a better choice.

Donna Patton

They are so friendly and helpful. You get great rewards, great smile gift cards, for wearing all of my stuff. I love them so much!!!

I completely trust everyone in the office and I think that they all want my teeth straight just like I do! Thank you so much Dr. Black and staff!